SPEECH - Vulnerable Australians are being left behind by the Morrison Government

02 December 2021

Every day more and more Novacastrians are being left behind by this Morrison Liberal government. Whether it's child care, petrol prices or increased out-of-pocket health costs, it's getting harder and harder for local families to get ahead.

Right now we're facing a national housing crisis, with Novacastrians waiting between five and10 years on social housing waiting lists. Last week I was contacted by Emily from Stockton, who is a single parent with three kids. Her family is facing eviction because her rent is increasing by $175 a week. She's worried she's going to have to sleep in the car. And this government's got no plans to help Emily or thousands of others just like her.

Likewise, this government's shocking neglect of the NDIS is having a real impact on the lives of vulnerable people in my community. In the last month alone I've had 10 constituents from my electorate contact me about their NDIS plans being cut, their basic requests being denied or simply being ignored altogether—like the double amputee from my electorate who was denied a request for two new prosthetic limbs. Every day he waited at home, isolated from his community and living in extreme pain because his prosthetic legs no longer fitted him, until I intervened.

This Prime Minister likes to pretend that there's nothing to see here, but tell that to the 460,000 Australians with significant or permanent disability who have been left behind by the government. This is a government with no plans for now, no plans for the future. They don't deserve another turn in government.