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Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon has accused the New South Wales State Government of deceitfully using the rollout of the NDIS as an excuse to shirk its responsibilities for disability advocacy funding.

Ms Claydon spoke on this issue ahead of a rally for disability advocacy funding in Newcastle this morning.

“It is inexcusable that the state Liberal government is now cynically using the NDIS as an excuse to dump vital support for people with a disability,” Ms Claydon said.

“This NDIS was never designed to take over this funding. This is nothing short of abrogation of responsibility by a heartless government.”

Ms Claydon said the impacts of the state government cuts would hit regional areas hardest, as there are fewer alternatives for advocacy services.

“People with a disability deserve to have access to independent advocacy services to navigate a variety of complex issues,” Ms Claydon said.

“It’s vitally important that the funding is restored before disability advocacy organisations are forced to shut down services.”

Ms Claydon said it is telling that at the same time the New South Wales Liberal Government is using the NDIS to rip funding away from people with a disability, the Andrews Labor Government in Victoria is increasing it.

“If the New South Wales Government can afford to spend billions of dollars on a stadium no one is asking for, they should have no reason to rip funding out of these critical services,” Ms Claydon said.

“People with a disability and their advocates in Newcastle have every right to feel betrayed by this callous Liberal government.”

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