MEDIA RELEASE - Labor will reopen the Kaden Centre

  • Media Release

An Albanese Labor Government will invest $1 million over four years to revitalise the Kaden Centre cancer exercise oncology clinic.

The Kaden Centre delivers custom, targeted exercise programs, prescribed by allied health professionals to drastically improve the long-term health outcomes for people living with cancer.

Tragically, this essential service for people living with cancer and chronic illness was forced to close its doors indefinitely in February, leaving the Newcastle and Hunter Region bereft of a world-class facility and model of care.

The Kaden Centre has developed a ground-breaking model of care delivery for patients undertaking chemotherapy, involving a personalised exercise program to optimise a patient’s fitness prior to definitive cancer treatment.

The program has seen a 50% reduction in major complications, shorter length of hospital stay, reduced readmissions, and more patients returning to complete their intended oncological treatment.

The Kaden Centre has been a lifeline for more than 1,200 people with cancer and chronic illness since its inception four years ago. Under an Albanese Labor Government, the Kaden Centre will be able to support thousands more cancer patients on their pathway to recovery.

Unlike Mr Morrison who denied this essential service support, Labor has heard the message loud and clear and an Albanese Labor Government will deliver funding as a priority.

Labor built Medicare, we will protect Medicare and we’ll strengthen Medicare if the Australian people elect an Albanese Labor Government.

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