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27 June 2014

Today's job loss announcements at Forgacs and Sandvik will have profound effects on the Newcastle and Hunter region and are another example of the Abbott Liberal Government's failure to have a plan for Australian jobs and industry.

"Every job loss hurts regardless of the company or industry," Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon said.

"The hurt isn't just for those who find themselves unemployed, but also for their families, the communities they live in and other businesses and industries that are impacted from the flow on effects."

Government inaction has been a key contributor to today's job losses.

"Governments were warned by industry that this could happen yet the State and Federal Liberal governments have done nothing about it."

"I know that Forgacs have been talking to the government about the reality the shipbuilding industry is faced with and they have been working hard to secure the jobs of their employees. They fully understand the benefits of keeping a shipbuilding industry alive in Australia but have been left with no choice but to start scaling back their operations."

"The State and Federal Liberal Governments clearly have no plan for Australian jobs or industry ."

"The Federal Government goaded vehicle manufacturers out of Australia and their state counterparts here in NSW refused to ensure local content in government purchasing agreements, selling our local rail manufacturers short and sending work offshore."

"Now they are sending shipbuilding the same way by locking local builders out of major defence contracts and sending the work overseas."

Newcastle and the Hunter region are feeling the brunt of these cuts to manufacturing in Australia.

"The manufacturing industry is the fourth largest employer in Newcastle and is a key contributor to our local economy. We can't afford to see job after job head overseas."

“When making major decisions on Australian industry we need to look at what is best for the nation– and that includes keeping people in work, developing skills for the future, and making sure we have the ability to build what we are going to need.”

"I call on the NSW and Federal Liberal governments to stop sending Australian jobs and taxpayer money overseas and instead support local industry and local jobs."

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