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13 October 2014

Bob Baldwin has wished the students of Newcastle all the best as the finish line of high school approaches, despite having supported the abolition of the National Job Guide and the $128 million cut to critical youth unemployment prevention programs.

In an advertisement in the Newcastle Herald, Bob Baldwin espoused:

“Now choices have to be made on what direction your life will take. Whether you choose to follow on with further study, training or are entering the workforce, I wish you every success…if you would like a copy of the 2014 School Leavers’ Guide, please contact my office…”

[Bob Baldwin – Newcastle Herald  – Saturday 11 October 2014]

What Mr. Baldwin seems to have embarrassingly forgotten is that his Government has scrapped the National Job Guide, leaving students from 2015 onwards with no classroom resource to support them in making informed career choices.

Mr. Baldwin is happy to offer his support to the school leavers’ of 2014, but has abandoned our future school graduates by backing in Tony Abbott’s cut to the National Job Guide.

Mr. Baldwin also voted in favour of the $128 million cut to critical youth unemployment prevention programs like Youth Connections, which helped around 25,000 at risk young people each year make the successful transition from high school into further education, training or the work place.

Next time Mr. Baldwin wants to make himself look good in the eyes of his constituency, he should first check with Joe Hockey what programs, if any, have not yet been cut.

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