New local data has revealed that apprentice and trainee numbers in Newcastle are appallingly low.

We now have 1,165 fewer apprentices and trainees in Newcastle than we did when the Liberals came to power. That means we have lost almost a third of the 3,500 apprentices we had in 2013.  

This leaves Newcastle, like the rest of the country, desperately short of critical trades that are vital to the healthy functioning of our regional economy.

The Morrison government has robbed Australians of employment opportunities and forced the country into a tradie crisis by ripping $3 billion out of vocational training and education.

Nearly two million Australians are out of work and employers are crying out for skilled staff.

The Liberals like to brag about their economic credentials, yet they starve the very sector that delivers the skilled staff that we need to grow the economy and stem unemployment.

Investment in skills, education, training is Economics 101 if you want to drive economic growth and maintain a high standard of living. But all the Liberals know is to cut, cut, cut.

By locking Australians out of education and training, the Liberals are locking Australians out of jobs.

The Morrison Liberal government is a do-nothing government with no agenda for jobs, training or a better Australia.

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Authorised by Sharon Claydon MP, 427 Hunter Street Newcastle