Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon has called on the Morrison Government to come clean on its plans for nuclear energy.

Ms Claydon raised her concerns in a speech to Parliament this afternoon after the Government appointed longstanding climate action critic and nuclear advocate, Keith Pitt, to be the influential Resources and Water Minister.
Mr Pitt quit as assistant minister in 2018 in opposition to the government’s climate reductions commitment under the Paris agreement.
Ms Claydon told the Parliament Mr Pitt’s promotion was a ‘deeply concerning appointment’. 
“Given that Newcastle and the Hunter region is often touted as a potential location for a nuclear power plant, this appointment concerns me greatly,” Ms Claydon said.
“My fears are compounded by the fact that a Liberal-controlled Parliamentary committee gave the green light to nuclear power only two months ago.”
Ms Claydon said pursuit of nuclear power would be ‘madness’.
“On any measure – be it cost, timing, energy needs, waste, environmental & health risks, and non-proliferation – nuclear power is found to be wanting,” Ms Claydon said.
“Even if we managed to sort out all the profound issues with nuclear power, we’re still left with the unavoidably reality that it’s more expensive than renewables.”
Ms Claydon called on the Government to be honest with Australians about its true plans for nuclear energy.
“Now people in my community also have to worry about what nuclear energy plans the Morrison Government has up its sleeve,” Ms Claydon said.  
“It’s time for the Morrison Government to come clean with Australians about what its really got planned for nuclear energy and which communities are in its crosshairs.”
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