Many Novocastrians will be paying more for electricity from this week, despite the Morrison Government’s assertion that prices are going down.   

Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon said Novocastrians have been contacting her about letters they have received from Energy Australia, which warn of a price hike as the result of increasing supply costs.  

Ms Claydon blamed the Federal Morrison Government for the increases.   

“People are asking me how their bills can be going up when the Morrison Government keeps insisting that the opposite is happening,” Ms Claydon said.  

“The reality is that since Angus Taylor became the Minister for ‘bringing power prices down’ wholesale power prices have skyrocketed by more than 20 per cent.” 

Ms Claydon said she was particularly concerned about the impact of price increases on vulnerable people in the community.  

“Electricity disconnections are already at record highs but wages have tragically stalled under this Government,” Ms Claydon. 

“This is going to make it even harder for vulnerable Novocastrians to keep their heads above water.” 

Ms Claydon said the core problem was the Government’s failure to deliver any sort of national energy policy.  

“With the incredible wealth of renewable resources in Australia we should be riding a wave of renewable energy investment and tumbling electricity bills,” Ms Claydon said.  

“Instead, the Liberals’ ongoing war on renewable energy and their determination to do nothing about climate change has seen investment in renewable energy plummet by 60 per cent in the past year alone.” 

Ms Claydon said action was urgent and overdue.  

“Australia has been waiting almost seven years for a much-needed national energy policy, but the Liberals can’t stop their internal bickering long enough to agree on anything,” she said.  

“The Morrison Government needs to get serious about delivering a responsible national energy policy that will drive down emissions, open up new industries and slash power bills.”

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Authorised by Sharon Claydon MP, 427 Hunter Street Newcastle