Federal Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon has called for community feedback on the adequacy of postal services in Maryland, Minmi and Fletcher.

Ms Claydon said Newcastle’s western corridor is growing at a fast pace, but postal services aren’t keeping up.

“People tell me they love living in Maryland, Minmi and Fletcher but they’re finding the lack of a Post Office to be a real disadvantage,” Ms Claydon said.

“The closest post office is at Wallsend, which is a long way to go if you rely on public transport or you’ve got mobility issues. Meanwhile, Wallsend residents are seeing waiting times and queues at their local post office grow and grow.”

“A number of residents have contacted me to say they’d like to see an additional Post Office established in the area”

Ms Claydon said she was holding a series of community offices in these neighbourhoods on Saturday 1 February to learn more about how local residents feel about the adequacy of their postal services.

“From 10.30am to 12noon I will be holding a mobile office in Minmi at Woodford Street, next to the Minmi Progress Hall bus stop,” Ms Claydon said.

“From 12.30am to 2pm residents can come and chat to me at the Maryland Neighbourhood Centre.

“I’d encourage locals to come along and share their thoughts about the need for a local Post Office or any other Federal issue.”

Ms Claydon said residents could RSVP by contacting her office on 4926 1555.  

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